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House Fic

Title: Dad´s Workplace
Pairings: House/Cuddy
Genre: Family/Humor
Warnings: Somewhat AU (more like "What if..." story)
Rating: G
Chapter: 2/?
Word Count: 721
Disclaimer: I don't own House M.D. nor the characters. (But I wish I would. =D)
Summary: House and Cuddy´s son writes an essay about dad´s job.

You can read here the 1 chapter! =D

Foreman looked surprised as House came into his own office.
“It´s ten to nine. You´re ahead your time.”
“Yeah, I can read the hours too.” He released his backpack behind his chair and sit down. “Cuddy had and interview with Dean´s teacher. That´s why he´s here so early.” Wilson opened the door as he spoke. He handed one coffee to House and sit in a chair opposite him.
“Okay. We have no cases so far, so, I´m doing some the clinic hours, Taub, Kutner and 13 are already there too.” Foreman said before leaving.
“So, how did you know about the interview?”
“Cuddy told me yesterday. By what she said, it´s about a composition he wrote about you.”
“Of course he did. The kid loves me so much. Of who else would he write about?”
She was invited to sit in the chair in front of the teacher´s desk.
“Mrs. House, it´s good to see you again.” Ms. Stabler said, smiling.
“Thanks, Ms. Stabler.”
“Mrs. House, I wanted to talk to you because I´m a bit concerned with Dean.”
“Concerned? Why? Is there something wrong with him?” – Cuddy looked confused.
“No, not really. It is just about a essay I asked the children to write. It was about their parents job´s.”
“I don´t see any problem so far. We are doctors, I assume he must have written about the hospital we work at.”
“Yeah, indeed it was about the hospital. But he also wrote about your husband´s behavior and his employees.” Ms. Stabler looked doubtful if she really should talk with the kid´s mother about that. “Here, take a look at his essay.” She handed Dean´s composition to Cuddy and waited.
 Cuddy smiled as read her kid´s wrong writing. “I can see there are some grammar mistakes, but everything he wrote here is the truth. That´s why he asked me to spell him neurobrifromatosis, I thought he was just curious about the deseases as usual.” Cuddy looked proud to Ms. Stabler.
“He likes to know about deseases?”
“As he wrote here, I like to sit in dad´s chair and listen he talking with uncles "Paddles", Foreman, Taub and Aussie and auties 13 and Cameron about the pacients. They talk funny things, like neurofibromatosis.” I mean, we´re doctors, we usually talk about what happens at the hospital during the dinner, he listens, he wants to understand what we´re talking about. We explain somethings to him. Is that bad?” – Cuddy looked annoyed.
“No, not bad, it´s just strange, because normal kids are not familiarized with... excuse-me,” The teacher took the essay back – “I saw auntie 13 kissing one of the nurses, but mommy told me it is nobody´s business.’ You doesn´t care about the fact of him seeing these things?”
“I care about him doing wrong things. Telling him it´s nobody business, I taugh him to be respectfull with the different sexual option of other people.” Cuddy was really annoyed now.
“I think, Ms. House, that there are aspects in your life that wouldn´t be good for Dean. A father who pushes the son to tell that someone else is going to pay for his chocolate, or ain´t a “big boy” like he wrote down here is not what I could call as a good example to a kid.”
“Well, Ms. Stabler, then we have a problem. Because my son is a well educated boy, respectfull, curious, smart, and the only thing we´re doing is instigate his personallity, giving him the best we can to raise him right, and if this school can´t deal with the fact of a mother teaching her own son to respect the different ways of live, then I think the problem is the school, not the parents. Thank you so much for inviting me to this interview, you opened my eyes to see what kind of school I put my son. Could I take his essay with me?” Cuddy stood from her chair, took the paper from Ms. Stabler´s hand and headed to the door.
As she swung it open, she turned to Ms. Stabler. “I´ll be back tomorrow to transfer my son to another school, Ms. Stabler. I´ll not tolerate someone who thinks I´m not a good example to my own child. Have a nice day.”
And she leaved the room, leaving and stunned Ms. Stabler without words.


Great description of Cuddy. I can see to Cuddy behave like that, and she showing the eassy to House. It's funny.
Please follow writing.