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House fic.

My dad is a very intelligente man. He is a doctor, like my mommy and my uncle Jimmy. The people at the hospital don´t like daddy, because he don´t treat them well. 

Uncle Jimmy says that daddy will never be a big boy, because he always have to help dad with is crazy things.
When I don´t have to go to school, mommy and daddy take me to the hospital and I like to sit in dad´s chair and listen he talking with uncles "Paddles", Foreman, Taub and Aussie and auties 13 and Cameron about the pacients. They talk funny things, like neurofibromatosis. (dear Ms. Stabler, mommy spelled this word to me.)

Mommy let me play with my toys on the couch in her office when dad is watching General Hospital, because he don´t like people near him when he is doing it. 

I always go to the cafeteria and daddy always told me I could say "Uncle Jimmy Wilson will pay" when I want eat some chocolate.

Uncle Aussie speaks funny and dad always get mad at him when he teaches me to say "I will nevah evah play basketball, only rugby" with an accent, though I don´t know what rugby means.

Once, I saw auntie 13 kissing one of the nurses, but mommy told me it is nobody´s business.

I like uncle Paddles, he is funny. His name is Kutner, but calling Paddles is funnier. 

I dont like very much uncle Taub, he is short and bald, and I´m afraid of him. But once, I asked him why dadda call Uncle Paddles this way and he told me that once, he almost killed a pacient and himself with that machine, - I don´t know the name, but they scream "CLEAR" everytime they are using it. - because the pacient was wet. 

I like very much all my uncles and auties.

Autie Cameron always bring me some orange juice, she´s nice.

I like going with mommy and daddy to the hospital and I love them. 

Daddy is always funny with me, and mommy don´t let me do some things daddy let me. 

But I think it´s because dadda isn´t a "big boy" as Uncle Jimmy says...

But I love mommy and daddy in the same way. 


Are the typos intentional? Cause I think a Huddy baby's composition would by typo-free. :D

But overall this was very cute. Haha. Uncle Aussie. And the idea that there will be a Huddy kid at all (!). Sigh and melt. :)
I wrote something wrong???

sorry... but I´m withou beta... =/

some were intentional, because it´s an eight-year old boy anyway, I hope it´s not too bad...

Nope. Not too bad. :D Cause the characterization is really good.
(dear Ms. Stabler, mommy spelled this word to me.)

LOL. Cute.
aw!!! ♥
Uncle Jimmy says that daddy will never be a big boy.

heeee. very cute. :]

I loved the way you characterized their kid! <3
I thought it was perfect! I loved it. And a Huddy child who makes mistakes is that much more endearing.

Brava, querida!
haahaha omg this was so cute. and yes yes yes very very creative!