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Dad´s Workplace

Title: Dad´s Workplace
Pairings: House/Cuddy
Genre: Family/Humor
Warnings: AU
Rating: G
Chapter: 4/?
Word Count: 748
Disclaimer: I don't own House M.D. nor the characters. (But I wish I would. =D)
Summary: House and Cuddy´s son writes an essay about dad´s job.

“Hi dad.” Dean opened the car door, throwing his little backpack to the back of the car as he sat down and placed a kiss on House´s cheek.
“Hey, D-man. How are things today? Put on the seat belt.” House messed up Dean´s hair and kissed him back.
“Fine. Are we going to see mommy?”
“You wanna go to the hospital? I thought about we could break some windows with Guitar Hero plugged into dad´s amp.” House looked the kid with the rear view-mirror.
Plugged into the amp? Yay!”
They arrived home fifteen minutes later, and House got Dean changed, fed, and then they began to play Guitar Hero plugged into House´s amp. The sounds were tremendously loud, making Cuddy´s crystal cups shake.
Dean really liked to play his joystick-guitar, and his little fingers were quick pressing the buttons. House considered giving him a guitar to teach him how to really play songs.
By six o´clock, he ordered enough dinner for three from the restaurant near their home and had Dean to do his homework.
By the time Cuddy arrived with Wilson, Dean had finished his homework and was helping House to set the plates and cups on the table.
The little boy jumped over to his mother and into her arms, then did the same with Wilson.
“Uncle Jimmy!!! Are you going to have dinner with me?” The boy asked after kissing him on the cheek
“Yeah, D-man. I missed you. Look, I brought some ice cream for dessert.” Wilson hugged the boy and then showed him the box. “Vanilla, as you like it.”
“Thank you, Uncle Jimmy!!! DAD, Uncle Jimmy brought me ice-cream. Can I eat some now?!”
“No, Dean, first we´re going to have dinner. Have you finished your homework, dear?” Cuddy dropped her purse on the couch and helped House with the food.
“Yes, mommy, it´s just some math problems. Dad, after dinner can we continue to play Guitar Hero with the amp?”
“What did I say about Guitar Hero on the amp, Greg?” Cuddy whispered to him inside the kitchen. “You know it´s unhealthy for his and your ears.”
“Relax, Lees, play Guitar Hero with the amp once in a while won’t make anyone go deaf. You´re gonna be really upset when I tell you I wanna buy a real guitar for him. You should see him playing with that joystick.”
“I´m sure he´s good. Let´s talk about it later. And it was kind of you to invite Wilson to have dinner with us. He´s a bit sad, Lily dumped him. Did he tell you about it?” She smiled and placed a sweet kiss on his lips.
“Of course it was. I would never come back there to pick you up. And, we also got dessert. Oh, and no, I didn´t know but he´s going to.”
“You still owe me those clinic hours of this week, don´t think you´re gonna clear yourself just because you´ve been picking him at school everyday, and, be gentle when you talk to him about Lily.”
“Uncle Jimmy, do you think mommy will like if I have a guitar?” Dean was sitting in Wilson´s lap, as the man was checking the kid´s homework.
“Don´t you think you´re too young to have a real guitar, D-man? You father said you´ve been rocking with that joystick.” Wilson said, after seeing that everything was correct. “What about your father´s piano? You don´t like it?”
“I like it. Mommy says I have to be a big boy for daddy teach me to play.”
“Your mother says you have to grow, so House can teach you, right?!” Wilson corrected him.
“Yeah, yeah, grow.  Grow, grow, I have to grow.” Dean repeated for himself, as if he was writing at the back of his memory the new word Wilson taugh him
 “Hey you, boys, let´s eat!”– House said as he came from the kitchen, followed by Cuddy.
Dean jumped from Wilson´s lap and rushed to the restroom to wash his hands, screaming “Let´s first wash our hands, people!”
The three doctors smiled at Dean´s statement and followed him to the bathroom.
“Were you planning to tell me about Lily?” House asked in a low tone to Wilson in the hallway.
“Not tonight, House. Let´s just eat and play with Dean for now.”
“Okay, then.”
The three of them washed their hands and sat around the table, with a happily Dean smiling and playing with them jubilant since his Uncle was around.