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House Fic

Title: Dad´s Workplace
Pairings: House/Cuddy
Genre: Family/Humor
Warnings: AU
Rating: G
Chapter: 3/?
Word Count: 562
Disclaimer: I don't own House M.D. nor the characters. (But I wish I would. =D)
Summary: House and Cuddy´s son writes an essay about dad´s job.

He opened her office door without nocking, as usual.
“So, what about the interview?” He limped through her office sit in a chair and put his foot over her desk.
“It was awfull. And take your damn foot off my desk, House.”
“Uuuh... somebody´s in a bad mood around here. – He said, dropping the legs from her desk.
“Seriously, Greg, it was awfull.” Cuddy looked sad.
“What happend? What Dean did?”
“He wrote an amazing essay, about you and the hospital. But he also wrote about your team, and the idiot of his teacher just couldn´t bear about ‘some aspects of our life’”
“Interesting. At least you brought the essay?” House asked a bit annoyed.
“Yeah, here.” She handed the paper at him.
“I´m gonna kill Wilson. How dare he say such a thing to the kid?! Look it: ‘Uncle Jimmy says daddy will never be a big boy, because he always have to help dad with his crazy things.’ ... That´s interesting the way he put me... like... God.”
“God, Greg?! Come on.” She gave him a half smile. “Dean is fascinated about you because you let him do everything he wants.”
“And, because I am ‘a very intelligente man.’ – He smirked to her. “Care to enlighten me why the interview was awfull?” He said, twisting his cane between his fingers.
“His teacher disagrees with the way we´re raising Dean. She told me that ‘normal’ kids aren´t familiarized with two woman kissing, and instigate him to tell at the cafeteria Wilson is gonna pay his chocolate is bad for him. What I have to agree with. But also, she insinuated that explain the deseases and letting him hear your differencials is strange for a eight-year-old boy.
“That´s ridiculous.” House looked at her outraged. “What did you tell her?”
“That it is none of her business the way we raise him and if the school doesn´t teach the kids to be respectfull with the diversity, then we´re going to transfer him to a better school.”
“Good. Let´s find another school to Dean.” House stood and headed to the door. “And, by the way, I´m leaving early to take him home. It´s almost lunch time.” He blinked at her and leaved before she had a chance to say something.
“So, what did the teacher said?” Wilson asked when House leaned in his sofa.
‘Uncle Jimmy says dad will never be a big boy, because he always have to help dad with his crazy things.’ “How dare you say something like that to Dean??? The kid is fascinated about me.” – House read the text, and looked annyed to Wilson.
“I didn´t tell it to him, probably he listened it.” Wilson couldn´t elaborate.
“You just can´t tell him the pure truth and crack my divine image with him. C´mom, Jimmy, It´s unfair.”
Wilson smiled. “Get out of here, I have a consult in ten minutes.”
“Ow, by the way, the teacher said the way we´re raising Dean is bad for him, that he wouldn´t be familiarized with 13 and her girlfriend kissing around. That´s ridiculous. Cuddy´s gonna transfer him to another school.”
“Imagine if she finds out that we still have those L word marathon.”
“God, she´d try to take him from us. I gotta take him at school, anyway. Stop by to dinner with us, later. The kid asked about you yesterday.” 


Very cute. Liked the House Wilson ending, very in character. Thanks for continuing it. Might want to proof read it a couple of times for spelling but other than that very well done.
Thanks for reading! And I REALLY need a beta.
I could do it? I mean if you wanted me to, depending on how often you write.
wow! I´d love to! I write everyday, but wouldn´t mind to wait you finish. As you can see, I usually don´t write big things.
Yeah that's fine. Depending on the time I can probably finish whatever the day I get it, also depending on the length. This will be my first beta if you want to "hire" me for the job just so you know.
hahahaha... I assume English is your mother language, right? Because I´m Brazilian, that´s why all these mistakes. =D

so, how do I send you the chapters?
sry deleted my email address, if you need it again just message me.
ooooh me loves it!!! loves it!!!
Biazinha eu to lendo em português no orkut! Tá linda :D