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Squeeing at home!

hey people!!!!!! 
My leg didn´t get better, so, my boss sent me home at thuesday, and said to me recover completely before going to work again, it means, that i did absolutely nothing this week. 
I´m in my bed, with y godparent´s laptop... 

sounds funny, but it is not. =/

at least, I´m taking my meds each 6 hours now, really resting and now, after 4 days on meds, the pain is over and I actually can walk without the cane. 

changing the subject. 

I just finished watching S04E15 House´s Head. 

Fantastic. one of the best episodes, EVAH.
DAvid Shore warns: Huddy is coming for the dead ones.... 

"Heirs of the Hameron, beware!" - Draco Malfoy would say. xD

ANd the pole dance... Dear Lord, forgive my soul, but Lisa Edelstein made me gay after that... LOL

somebody, please, make a video with those scenes with Evanescence´s song "Bring me to life" PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

waiting axiously for the next episode, Wilson´s Heart. 




Lisa Edelstein made EVERYBODY gay after that!

*looking for Birkenstocks*
have you found my straigh vaguing by???????????

I just can´t stop watching this episode!


Kisses, dear!
Me, either.

*watches it again* :D
Eu também assisto House, mas só que pela Record... =/
O que é horrível pois é dublado... Você assiste aonde?
eu vejo pela Universal Channel =D
ou baixo no pc! (Y)
ah ta, eh eu não tenho tv a cabo mans... aonde você baixa?
olha na comunidade (Dr.) House, MD lá no orkut, eles sempre disponibilizam os links pra baixar. (Y)